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Marigold Soya Bean (tetra)
Marigold Soya Bean (tetra)

Marigold Soya Bean (tetra)
(6 packets, 250ml/packet)
non carbonated packet drink


No preservatives.
Needs no refrigeration.



Product Code: A10323.6
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Water, Soya Bean extract, Sugar, Salt, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2.
Contains permitted food, conditioner (Emulsifiers and Stabilisers) and Flavoring.


Company Profile:
Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd has since come a long way.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of MDI with its own factory and office in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, they started operations in 1977 with the introduction of its first innovative product, a cultured milk drink called Vitagen.


Many other highly successful products soon followed under the Marigold brand - including Peel Fresh, HL Milk, Fresh milk and assorted milk drinks.


Today, the company has a wide range of products under its wings, including pasteurised fruit juice drinks, long-life milk and Asian drinks. They have also completed a high-tech new building dedicated to manufacturing dairy products.


Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd will continue to meet the growing demands of the region, and to better serve its customers with innovative product lines.